Feb 042012

Well, now that one entire year has passed since my last post, it would seem to be time to do an update. 2011 was a life changing and crazy year, to say the least. Lots of change, the largest being my daughter arriving 2 months earlier than expected. I could have never anticipated what new experiences or challenges 2011 would end up holding for me, but suffice it to say I am happy to greet 2012. The below images: one for each month of the year. The theme here is pretty blatant, but I unashamedly post these in love for my amazing daughter and how she made 2011 the most memorable year of my life.

The beaches of Maui, Hawaii

In the isloette under the biliruben lights

First "formal" family portrait in the NICU at Evergreen

First moments home after 2 months in the NICU

Hanging out with dad

Having a picnic with Krista and Daniel Fogt

Chilling on the changing table

At my sister wedding - Photo copyright of Amber Glanville Photography
Photo Copyright Amber Glanville Photography

First bakini in Maui, Hawaii

Pumpkin patch - Photo by Asha Grinnell

Prematurity awareness month - Photo by Asha Grinnell

Alana, Asha and Lizzy - my ladies

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