Mar 172009

Thought I would post a quick update on my experimentation using Tokihiro Sato’s technique (although again I emphasize that my attempts and concepts are mere crayon scribbles on butcher paper compared to his craft).  My cable release problem was temporarily solved through the implementation of a handful of rubber bands.  Primitive, yes, but effective!  My one and only L series lens (the ever common 24-105 w/IS) only closes down to f/22, but this has seemed to be enough for most intensive purposes at least for the time being.  Below is my third or fourth session of experimentation, and was shot at f/22 with the shutter open for 11’30″(approximately, the exact time was 689″).  I popped my little 580EX II manually five times on the tree from different angles, but this still was not quite enough to illuminate the tree the way I would have liked.  The ground was not illumintated enough either, so it is hard to get any sense of depth.  More to come soon. Sato technique test #4