May 262009

With nothing but an entire day at our fingertips, Asha, myself and our great friend Nathaniel decided to enjoy Memorial Day with a day hike at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. With miles and miles of twisting trails with waterfall destinations and historic locations Cougar Mountain can provide hikers of all types with plenty to see.  The length of our route ended up being somewhere in the nighborhood of 8 miles.  Although there were other groups and individuals on the trail, we saw less and less people the farther out we hiked.  Most of the larger groups were families with little kids, so after about 1 hour we were far enough out that the only people we say were groups of two or three.

During the hike, we stopped to take photos (and goof off) quite a lot.  After a rough edit I ended up with around 150 images and 13 .avi’s (which I hope to turn into one short video).  Nathaniel shot even more than I did, and his 1DS mkII was constantly humming.  Between the two of us we had six lenses, two of which were deemed un-necessary.  The two lenses that ended up being constantly swapped between us were the 50mm f1.8 aka “Stubby” and the 17-40 f4.  Below are a few images from the adventure (mostly of the people I was with : ).


Snail and stump





Fern trunk





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  1. We loved the one of Asha/ Nathaniel and the small leaf. The snail was very cool. I think the fern needed a fern inspector, though.