May 312009

If you were to check out the metadata imbeded in these images, you would see that they are in fact not very old.  Nonetheless, I shot these and didn’t touch them for a while.  Today I was bitten by the creativity bug, so I sat down and poked and prodded these images until the itch stopped.  Here’s a little info about each image, with a before and after.

The first is of my sister(She is starting grad school this fall!  They grow up so fast *tear*.) on the University of Idaho campus after her graduation ceremony.  She insisted on having a picture shot in front of this building, so I complied.  Although cute, I wanted to jazz it up a bit.  Yes, yes, yes I can hear you moaning “HDR imaging is so last year!”.  That’s ok, because this image isn’t meant for you!  Technically this is a fake HDR as I am only using one shot, not multiple image.  The method I chose can be found on Deke McClelland’s podcast, dekePod.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to work in the LAB color space instead of RGB.  Makes me want to go back and dust off my channel mixing skills!


This second image is a portrait I did of my friend Tracey.  For reasons that I will not go into for my own personal safety and that of my family, Tracey has recently “exited” the country.  Tracey (and my sisters legs sticking out of the trunk of his car) actually made the cut for my final portfolio when I graduated from AIS.  That was quite a while ago, so we both thought it was time for a new unsettling image.  This image was originally one of three in a series, but without the binary code running across it.  I liked it, but it needed something more.  While I was working in the yard it suddenly occurred to me what the image needed to complete it.  Below is the final product.