Apr 112009

Earlier this week, we Seattleites were bombarded by wave upon wave of electromagnetic radiation.  Some of you who might be reading this elsewhere probably know this phenomenon by its more common name, sunlight.  Yes, DIRECT sunlight!  Quite an experience it was.  Below are a few pictures from one such sunny day.

I am happy to announce that (for a time) I have completed the Sato Experiment.  The three images that I have chosen can be viewed on my website in the “Projects” gallery.  Please take a few moments to drop by and take a peek.  In other news, my awesome friend Vanessa Rudloff (who can be seen below with Asha) is going to be showing some of her work in LA on May 16th at Arundel Books on Beverly Blvd.  Vanessa will be revealing a nude series she just shot in a local Seattle bookstore called ‘Beauty and the books’.  If I was anywhere near LA on May 16th, Asha and I would be the first ones in the door.  Way to go Vanessa!


Ice cream

Photo by Vanessa Rudloff


Hillside happiness