Apr 302009

As the media has been pumping out more and more “inFEARmation” about swine flu, I have been trying to do a bit more research myself.  In my wanderings, I have come across a wide variety of maps.  The best yet is the GoogleMaps version which provides a nice detailed and interactive map with various classifications.  Go check it out, and remember to wash your hands.

A few months back I posted a link on my old blog to a web gallery of smoke picture I had been tinkering with.  Yesterday I thought it might be fun to blend a few of the single shots into one large image.  Below are cropped, flipped and rotated versions of a larger canvas that contains seven individual shots masked together.  I have cropped them to a 16×10 ratio (1680×1050 resolution) for anyone interested in using any as a desktop.  Click on the links below the images to view the full versions.  If there are any special requests for a custom resolutions or aspect ratios please let me know.

My friend DeeAnn, avid blogger of Shoestrings End, Wondersome StoryTime and The Most Wondersome StoryTime is featuring a small article I put together for Shoestrings End.  Take a second or two and drop by, and while you are at it check out DeeAnn’s other blogs as well!


Smoke01 (1680×1050)


Smoke02 (1680×1050)


Smoke03 (1680×1050)


Smoke04 (1680×1050)