Old Smoke

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May 062013

If you look just two posts below this one, you will see a short post from May of 2012 with a few images of smoke. That “teaser” is all that came of the hundreds of images I shot during one evening alone involving beer, incense, a Canon 5d mkII, my trusty 24-105 and an old borrowed Norman studio strobe kit from the 80’s. Until now. I have finally dug these RAWs out of the dusty digital archives and had some fun with them.

Processing was done in Lightroom 4, and all of the seen color affects were applied some basic via split toning. As is likely obvious (since smoke generally rises), most of these images were shot vertically and rotated. I spent a super long time coming up with the “names” for each of these, which I am sure everyone will find about as interesting as the nutritional information on the back of a Splenda® packet. Enjoy and feel free to grab your favorites to use as your desktop background to boost my ego!

WarmYellow 1920x1080

WarmYellow 2048X1152

WarmYellow 2560×1440

SeaGreen 1920x1080

SeaGreen 2048×1152

SeaGreen 2560×1440

SeaBlue 1920x1080

SeaBlue 2048×1152

SeaBlue 2560×1440

Lavender 1920x1080

Lavender 2048×1152

Lavender 2560×1440

HotOrange 1920x1080

HotOrange 2048×1152

HotOrange 2560×1440

GreyGreen 1920x1080

GreyGreen 2048×1152

GreyGreen 2560×1440

FireRed 1920x1080

FireRed 2048×1152

FireRed 2560×1440

BluePurple 1920x1080

BluePurple 2048×1152

BluePurple 2560×1440