Oct 262010

Yet again, an embarrassing amount of time has elapsed since my last blog post. This past summer was a busy one with weddings, family, travel and more. The next couple of posts will be featuring images of travel, with Italy as the primary country of interest. Originally, I was simply going to do a series of posts for the various cities we visited but on second thought and a suggestion from my wife I decided to change things up. The images are displayed chronologically by hour, but not date. Although we drove from Germany to Switzerland then to Italy then through Austria back to Germany, most of our time was spent in Italy as the photos will reflect.

My wife and I shared our travels with our good friends, Simon and Nancy. Originally, the surprise(for me) trip was intended to simply be our first real vacation together, but turned into our Babymoon weeks before we flew out! Needless to say, it was quite an adventure, and there are hundreds of photos to go along with the many stories made in the whirlwind 10 day trip. Here are just 11 moments in time, part I of Time Travel.

11:50:58 – Lugano, Italy

12:04:56 – Venice, Italy

12:49:45 – Venice, Italy

12:56:31 – Sirmione, Italy

13:00:55 – Sirmione, Italy

13:05:11 – Sirmione, Italy

13:06:53 – Torbole, Italy

13:13:13 – Sirmione, Italy

13:15:07 – Venice, Italy

13:27:23 – Lucerne, Switzerland

14:23:36 – Lucerne, Italy