Oct 302010

Here it is, the second and final part of my series of images from our travels (mostly) in Italy. Venice was one of the last major cities we visited, and it was here while riding a gondola that Simon proposed to Nancy! I can think of very few more romantic settings to ask for someones hand in marriage than while on a gondola in Venice with the bells ringing across the city! Please enjoy these final 11 images.

15:15:12 - Venice, Italy

18:13:01 - Milan, Italy

18:13:52 - Verona, Italy

18:32:24 - Venice, Italy

18:34:02 - Milan, Italy

18:36:20 - Milan, Italy

18:43:32 - Milan, Italy

18:47:25 - Venice, Italy

18:59:51 - Verona, Italy

19:36:42 - Milan, Italy

19:58:27 - Venice, Italy